Livestream your games

Image of Arcade game being filmed

Let players control their favorite arcade games remotely

Increase your revenue online

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Players can keep playing at home on your customizable web-app (Desktop & Mobile)

Drive extra footfall to your arcade

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Allow players to pick up prizes at your locations or ship to their doorstep

Monitor with dashboard view

Behind the scenes

All your online data is centralised. Keep track of your players, prizes, and games through Livecadia's easy-to-use admin dashboard.

The admin dashboard allows you to check trends in revenue and player behaviour , update your prize webshop, manage your games, offer customer support, and much more.

Available Games

Easy-to-use player interface

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1. Sign up

Register or log in with your social media account or email address

2. Browse

Choose your favorite game or prize

3. Play

Play real arcade machines remotely with the on-screen controls

4. Win

Win prizes or tickets and spend them in the online prize store

Online Prize Store

Pick up and delivery options available

  • Prize 1
  • Prize 2
  • Prize 3
  • Prize 4
  • Prize 5
  • Prize 6
  • Prize 7

Expand into Arcade Gaming Anywhere, Anytime!

The ELAUT Group is dedicated to offering quality amusement games and experiences. Livecadia allows any arcade game operator, large or small, to expand their game and prize offering online.

Key features of the web app:

  • Real arcade skill games
  • Top quality live video streaming
  • Games hosted in Livecadia's warehouse in Belgium or from your own venue
  • Customisable progressive web app, optimised for mobile and desktop
  • No large upfront investments, pay as people play through revenue share
  • Social features: ranking page, spectator mode and more
  • Scalable cloud-based platform for small and large arcades and FECs
  • Real-time data reporting & insights, anywhere, anytime

Interested in discovering how Livecadia can help you engage your existing customers and gain new customers?

Reach out to us at or schedule a demo here: Book a call: Livecadia - Demo

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